Conditions of use of Data Room

Confidential Information

All information available in this Data Room is Confidential Information and should not be released to any other party.

By using your password to gain access to the Data Room you confirm that you agree to keep the contents of this Data Room Confidential.

Kennedy Lewis Investment Management LLC reserves the right to exclude any person from the Data Room without prior notice.

Data Room Access - Collection of Usage Information

Data Room usage information is automatically collected by the Kennedy Lewis Investment Management LLC server when users visit the Data Room.  Data Room usage information informs us about how our users navigate our Data Room.

The information we collect about you and your company’s usage of our Data Room may be used (without limitation) as follows:

  •  To enable us to process, validate and verify your Data Room Login/Password authorization
  •  To develop new features and services, and to alert you to them
  •  To improve the content and navigation on our Data Room
  •  To provide our clients Data Room usage information


Disclaimer Statement

Each person accessing the due diligence material made available in this Data Room (“Due Diligence Material”) acknowledges that they will make an independent assessment of the Due Diligence Material and will verify all Due Diligence Material on which they intend to rely to their own satisfaction, and that subject to the material being provided in good faith, no warranty is given as to the truth, accuracy, relevance or usefulness of any of the Due Diligence Material.

Subject to any law to the contrary and to the maximum extent permitted by law, no responsibility is accepted for any inaccurate or misleading information in, or for any omission from, the Due Diligence Material.

Without limiting the above:

  • to the extent that the documents or agreements are summarized or information from those documents or agreements is contained in the Due Diligence Material, those summaries or that information is provided for assistance only. The documents and agreement themselves should be reviewed.

  • no representation (express or implied) is made that any estimates or target returns referred to in the Due Diligence Material will be achieved, or that any statements in relation to them will prove correct. They have only been provided to give assistance in determining the possible future performance of the property, and a bidder should make its own judgement in that regard.